Weekly Technical Reads - June  21-27, 2021

Weekly Technical Reads - June 21-27, 2021


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Over the course of last week I came across many technical articles and blog posts. Few of them I found interesting. These blogs mostly covered topics on AWS Infrastructure management, AWS Cost optimizations, Terraform State management etc. I'm sharing a list of selected few, which I found interesting and useful, in hope you may also find useful.

Understand your dependencies Open Source Insights is an experimental project by Google. Our softwares internally depend on high number of software packages. These packages themselves may depend on other packages. Well, you get the idea. These dependencies are crucial for not only for their functionalities but also for their security postures. Now you can see these dependencies graphs at a single place, from security, license and release point of view.


Fuzzy testing for stateful REST API RESTler is the first stateful REST API fuzzing tool for automatically testing cloud services through their REST APIs and finding security and reliability bugs in these services. For a given cloud service with an OpenAPI/Swagger specification, RESTler analyzes its entire specification, and then generates and executes tests that exercise the service through its REST API. RESTler was created at Microsoft Research.


Lambda: Behind the scenes If you’re interested in understanding the things under the hood, this blog is for you. This blog post discusses the lambda worker anatomy and underlying architecture to understand how lambda executes on EC2. A definite read for Serverless lovers.


Shifting cost optimisation left Optimizing the cloud cost is always a priority for SaaS companies. Many companies take top to bottom approach, allowing finance teams to take control of Cloud cost. Spotify, however did something brilliant. It incentivised its teams for cost optimizations. In Oct 2020, it open sourced its Backstage platform, which now could be leveraged by others.


Open Terraforming Server A new project started by Louis Garman as an alternative to commercial offerings. Though is in early stages, it is a promising start. Do checkout and give a Github star if you like.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.