AWS Services: How many are there really?

AWS Services: How many are there really?


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TL;DR: Depends on what you count as service, 180 at the lower side and 250 at the upper side.

AWS innovates at breathtaking speed, often defeating itself. It keeps adding new services, add new features to the existing services at lightening speed. When I started in AWS Cloud, it had handful services, majorly most people were using, as you guessed correctly, EC2, S3, RDS and Dynamo. Tracking cloud resources for these services(such as EC2 Instance, EBS Volume etc) was easy.

Now many services have evolved beyond their initial phases adding myriad of features. Again some features have evolved into subservience itself. AWS operates in a wide spectrum - from basic computing resources, databases, Serverless computing, IoT, media services to marketplace to Satellite. Many of these services have their own space in AWS console, while some of them are prominent through SDKs. Specially UI hides the major versions of the services, which are however available in SDKs. You may see many such cases below.

Did you know AWS also has a crowdsourcing marketplace called Amazon Mechanical Turk ??

Many of these services create AWS resources, which are configurations residing in the AWS cloud. These AWS Resources also have complex relationships among themselves. And many of them have security, cost implications to them. This demands that the visibility in the AWS cloud should keep up with the AWS services expansion. Many of existing services may not provide enough coverage. AWS Config service which is for resource tracking, support bearly ~90 AWS resources. Not quite enough?

We at CloudYali are determined to bring a complete visibility in the AWS cloud. And as part of this endeavour we investigate each AWS service, identifying the AWS Resources which may be generated as part of each service usage.

These resources then are tracked for their entire lifetime and beyond. Even for the cloud resource property changes we maintain the history so that it is possible to look at changes at one single place. We are currently in an exclusive preview release, looking for an early feedback. Link to the quick video demo of the product is here:

or can be found on the landing page itself.

If you would like to sign up for early access, you can do so on the landing page (and get 2 months for free!). You don't need to provide any Card details for early access.

To sign up for early access - please click Signup button on landing page and provide your business email.

If you are curious to have a product based list, it can be found at AWS site .

Please let me know if you find anything missing, needs correction. Thank you for reading.